Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1st Day at Disney World

Well we made the flight to Disney World with no major issues! Woo Hoo! Landon slept for all but about 45 mins of the that made it REALLY easy! Leigh-Ann just played with her toys and looked out the window and was as happy as could be! The first day was basically a travel day. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge up by the Magic Kingdom and we took the Disney Express to get there from the airport. So we got checked in and changed the kids into clean clothes and headed over to our dinner reservation at the Grand Floridian hotel. We took the ferry from our hotel over to Magic Kingdom and then took the monorail over to the Grand Floridian. I had booked us a Character Dinner at 1900 Park Fair. Dinner with Cinderella! This was on Sunday which was Leigh-Ann's actual birthday! So she spent her birthday dinenr with Cinderella! Jeez....if that is what you get at 3, what is there to look forward to now?!? hee hee hee

We had to wait 45 mins on our dinner that was not too impressive. And where we were sitting it took the characters a while to make it around to our table. However, all in all, I was glad that we did this, because if we hadn't she wouldn't have seen this characters....we didn't seem them (other than shows or parades) any other time in the park!

You can see they gave Leigh-Ann a crown that said Happy Birthday! Check out dinner our first night:

Here is Leigh-Ann and Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's mean step mother!) She played the part very well!

Here she is singing Leigh-Ann's autograph book. Each page has a place for the autograph and then a place to insert a picture! Leigh-Ann was very excited to get her book signed!

Here is Leigh-Ann and Anastasia, one of Cinderella's mean step sisters!

Leigh-Ann got really good at making sure she had her book when she saw a character!

Leigh-Ann and Drizella! They all played their parts very well! It was cute.

Here is Leigh-Ann and Prince Charming! She did not want to pose with him, so I offered to pose with her so she would have a picture with her autograph! I guess it is a good thing she is not crazy about the boys long can I hope that will last?!?

FINALLY! Cinderella!!!! Oh how Leigh-Ann loves Cinderella!

Oh, I digress.....for those who did not see the pictures...Leigh-Ann was Cinderellla for Halloween. Which she picked ALL BY HERSELF! So she absolutely adores Cinderella!

More of our little princess!
And don't forget "baby Yoda!"
She really looks after him ....she is a good big sister and he is such a sweet boy!!!!!!

More on our Disney Trip coming up!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leigh-Ann turns 3!!!!

O.K. O.K. I know I know...everyone has gotten on to me for starting this blog and not updating consistently! Not that is counts...but for the first time in 15 years...I didn't get my Christmas cards out on time! As a matter of fact I STILL haven't sent them! And call me crazy but I think I will send them next week! :-) Better late than never right! I would just say wait until next year..but I have pics to send they will have to get done! But life has been CONSTANT since the first week of December! So I will fast forward this post to about a week ago! Leigh-Ann turned 3 years old on February 7th! 3?!? Can you believe it! Where does the time go? We had a party for her and her friends (a 3 year old has friends?!?) at Pump-It-Up (she LOVES it there) on Saturday! Then on her birthday, Sunday we flew to Orlando! We spent 5 days at Disney World! Which, if you haven't heard we moved two weeks before her birthday to a house about 10 miles from our other house! So shouldn't everyone take a week long vacation, right after taking a week off work to move! So with a house full of boxes STILL, we set off for Disney World! More on that in the next post!

So back to the birthday party! We had a wonderful party and I thought I would share some of the pictures with you!

Here is Leigh-Ann and Aunt I-Ya! I forgot to tell Aunt I-Ya that socks were required to jump! Oooopsss! So to be able to get in and hang out in the actual bounce houses she had to wear my socks! Hee hee hee...teach her to show up in her flip flops!

Here is Landon and Daddy enjoying the bounce houses too! Landon got to do the slides and many of the jump sections...he had a GREAT time too! Man did he have a good nap afterwards!

Leigh-Ann enjoying one of the many slides!

Leigh-Ann and I-Ya sliding together!

Leigh-Ann and Devin coming down together!

When we were trying to decide a party theme Leigh-Ann just kept saying, it has to be PINK!!!! So I brought home some different party plates and she picked Ariel! Now the cake was another issue! It was supposed to have Ariel sitting in the ocean....but oceans are blue...not PINK! So we had to alter it to fit our needs! ;-)

Here are most of the kids (I think we lost one or two to the potty or somewhere) at the party. Leigh-Ann was so glad all her friends came!
Here she is scoping out that cake....licking her lips and planning her wish!

Blowing out the candles! And we didn't even practice that..she just knew what to do!

And FINALLY enjoying the cake and having a good time!!!!!