Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You cheated....yourself?!?

So why is it that when we do something great....we can't wait for someone to notice and praise us. But, when life isn't going our way...we have a bad boss...or an employer that is in trouble...or the economy has affected something of value in our isn't really about us? I know this may be a hard message to hear (it was for me....)! But the only person who can cheat you out of success is YOURSELF! If you have a boss that is too busy, unavailable, or even plain incompetent, you must NOT be a victim of that situation! Create your OWN expectations, set your own GOALS, and move ahead!

We have heard about goals and having goals our whole life. I would like to take it one step further from just a goal to an all out MISSION! Your own personal MISSION! Why is it MISSION CRITICAL to give your life some direction? The top five reasons you should take the time to make it formal (write it down, chart it out, create a vision board):

1. You need a guide to give your work a direction! Much of your everyday "busyness" fails to make a meaningful contribution to the life you REALLY want to have!

2. It will help you to objectify your work! Because goals are specific, they help eliminate the confusion of subjective expectations.

3. It will assert your intentions! What you think about you WILL bring about! It's amazing how well you can manage your priorities, when your priorities are clear!

4. Create a direct link to what is important. Individual goals can connect you to your ultimate mission and your life's purpose.

5. will SPUR you into action! Creating a dynamic tension that spurs you to take action steps toward accomplishment!

If you find that you are blaming others for your lack of progress, perhaps it is because YOU haven't initiated YOUR OWN direction. Self-leaders create and attract energy through defining their goals, their mission! If you don't take the time to do this for yourself, you are only cheating yourself! No one can do that for you!