Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you "wishing" for something?!? Go Water the Flowers!

So in preparation for summer I planted some beautiful annuals in pots on my front porch. In the back yard in pots we planted some blueberry, strawberry and raspberry plants for us and the kids (we all LOVE LOVE berries). So now that the Texas heat is kicking in I must take the time to water our pots daily or the flowers will wilt just when the sun 'thinks' about coming up! hee hee hee! Seriously....just look at my petunia's when I wait until 6 pm to water them! They will tell you!

So after taking the kids to school this morning, I stopped to water my flowers before starting my day. As I waited {patiently...tapping my foot} for each pot to fill with water {and wondering why we planted sooo many pots} I thought how this was like having a pet. You have to feed them, water them, walk them. We have avoided a new pet at all costs. I was thinking, well humpf this is like having a pet! We have to move them to mow around them, we have to fertilize them, and water them. And if I don't...they just look so sad. Then I noticed the tinest little beautiful bud opening on one of the pocket roses and thought how beautiful! I can't wait to show that to Leigh-Ann when she gets home. She loves those tight and beautiful rose buds (they are pink you know!). I decided that the joy that I get while looking at them each day, the way they make my house look special, the way the kids had so much fun picking strawberries with awe last SSSOO definately worth the 15 mins that I have to spend watering them each morning.

And since I could not do anything but THINK while I was doing this it made me realize: The biggest difference between "wishing" for something and "having" something is often the motivation to become a doer! I read this by Og Mandino recently "Life isn't a game, is it? It's a battlefield. Instead of players and spectators, we're all soldiers, including some goldbrickers and some AWOL's! But we're all in the struggle, whether we know it or not. And the person who knows how to be motivated doesn't need any cheering section. He has motivation built in. He's not looking for that crutch that might break, a bonus that will be taxed away, he's learning motivation from within."

Instead of "wishing" for something personal and valuable to share with my children. I create it everyday in the little things that I do. Today I watered the flowers. Tonight I will be able to sit on the porch and show my children a flower blooming (children 4 and under still see the awe in this...and I LOVE that). Today I did not rush about only doing dishes, running errands, doing something a boss wanted. I took action on something that was important to me...just watering the flowers. But that ACTION will reap so many rewards.

It was just a simple thing watering the flowers today. But it made me think, I need to choose something that I "wish" for and just work towards it! Motivation and ACTION are very powerful together. Don't sit on your couch and let your life pass you by today...I want you to water your flowers too...whatever that special "little" thing is in your life!

This is going to be a most amazing summer! I am looking forward to every single day that I get to wake up and "water my flowers". I love my flowers, Lance, Leigh-Ann, Landon and Landry with all my heart. I am going to remember to "water" them too! My thought (journal take-away) is that it is 100% obvious if my flowers did not get water. It is not 100% obvious if we did not water the flowers (aka people) in our life today! If there are people in your life that make you happy...don't forget to water them! Friends add value to our life...we need to keep them alive with praise, support, and attention!

Now I am so grateful for the people in my life...I am off to schedule a few too long delayed lunches and playdates! They need some "water"!!