Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Am I outdated?

I thought the technology of the new decade should always be something you can learn in 5 mins or less! HUMPF!!!! When did I become my parents?? I remember when I was a child the VCR came out! WOW, what an invention that was. But then there was the setting of the clock on the VCR. Once that was done you could get really fancy and set it to record at a specific time. I learned how to do that in about 2 mins. Seemed like my parents worked at it for hours and then just said "Misty, come set this thing up!"

Well today I decided I wanted to upload my first You Tube video. Now mind you that You Tube has been around forever (it seems) and even a 5 year old has probably uploaded video's. But I just spent (well I won't tell you how long...but toooo long) just trying to figure out how to add a header page so that my friends and family knew what the video was and then created my You Tube account. So my friends and family you will be able to see my daughters end of year performance in her school play very soon (after I upload it to my new "channel")!

Although I have never uploaded a video, it should be noted that my four year old can manuever You Tube on my iPhone without me! So our video, to be posted soon, is her Spanish School class doing a cute little song and she even has a "lead" kind of spot :) She has had such a breakthrough with her bilingual abilities in just the last few weeks! Now she can just rattle away at me...and I have NO CLUE what she is saying :)

Enjoy the video...we enjoyed the show!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finding my authentic self

Wow, it has been over a year since I blogged! That is what having a third child, giving you three under four years old will do for you! It has been a crazy wild ride. Today is May 9th and it is Mother's Day. So for me this has been quite a week. My birthday was on the 4th, makes me the big is official I am now on the downhill slide and closer to 40 than to 30! Those of you who knew me at 30 knew I had this amazing meltdown (life crisis) feeling like my life was ALL about Corporate America and I never knew when I was going to have children. Wow how just a little time changes life! Now I have NO current Corporate America (yes I am now one of the millions of laid-off workers in America) in my life, but I have this amazing family!

I have reflected today on where I am, where I have been and where I may be going. Throughout my life I have always found a peace in writing. I think now is the time that I need to find that peace again, be quite with myself, and just listen. Trying to determine what path is right for me next, I need to listen to my innerself and to the world around me to hear and see where I need to go. So I invite you, on my journey, if you want to go....

This is going to be MY YEAR. I now have three small babies so in Eat, Pray, Love discovery style I can not LEAVE my current reality to find my destiny (although some days that seems sssoooo beautiful in thought...any mother knows that the thought of being ALL ALONE for just a little bound sounds so NICE). I am going to have to find it in the everday journey that is here with me every day. So today I revive my blog, and recommit myself to myself! Happy Mother's Day!

Below you can see the beatiful Fruit Basket I got for Mother's Day!

Lance, Landon, and Leigh-Ann bringing me my surprise!