Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pay It Forward

Hi my friends and family! I have really enjoyed reading everyone's summer updates! I have really gotten good at making video's for our weightloss company! Business is starting to really take off. I am actually just hosting those videos right on the server for the sight versus Youtube. I would like to give a shout out to Rachel Jackson. If she had not introduced me to the concept of "video sharing" I might not have decided to try it for myself! So today I have done something a little odd. I made a video about resumes! ha! I know...I know...who wants to talk about resumes?!? BUT I have so many people that I am working with or mentoring that have been or are unemployed and the number one request I get is to help them with their resume. So I decided to put together my top pieces of advice and post it out to Youtube for all of you to have! It is "free" information that I hope everyone will take advantage of if you are wanting a different job or are currently unemployed and want to know what the latest tips are! So I am "paying it forward"! I took my personal time, with no reward built in for me, and I have put it out there for my colleagues, friends and family! I hope that this helps you!

I would ask that if you know anyone that is looking you will send them a link to the page! If I helped someone today...I did my job!

My thought for the day is "When all else seems to can always help someone else, and succeed!"

You know that I like to end my posts with what I am thankful for! Today I am so very grateful for all the mentors that have come through my life! Some of them stayed only long enough to teach me one thing and then move on. Others have become lifelong mentors and even friends! I am SO thankful for all the blessings I have achieved by becoming ALL that my mentors believed I already was! I would list them out.....but the list would be so so so long! And for that...I am thankful!!!

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