Friday, November 14, 2008

First Annual Christmas Plate

Well I am about a week behind on this post! But it has been a crazy time! Last week Leigh-Ann and I went with some other Mommy's and Kiddo's to make some Christmas pottery! Talk about hoping a bunch of 2 year olds don't pull the pottery off the shelf! But we had a really good time!!! Leigh-Ann made a Christmas plate using her foot print and both hand prints to make a reindeer. I am thinking of starting a Christmas tradition and that the new custom plate each year can be used for cookies for Santa! When we get the plate back (don't expect Picasso from me and Leigh-Ann :-) ) I will post a pic!

So here she is with a brown foot just after making her footprint on the plate!

Here we are after making a handprint!

Mommy is working on the details of the plate and Leigh-Ann is paiting a stocking for the tree! The poor thing is made up of EVERY color in the paint pallet (ALL mixed together by the time she was done!!!).
Here is Shar working on her frame.
And the rest of the gang painting too!
We came home and had some fun with Landon! He has that tounge hanging out when he is serious about moving around the living room!
Leigh-Ann "cooking" in the kitchen!
Me, try to figure out how to go up the stairs?!? Oh, no way!!!!

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