Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Hand Print Aprons!

Well, I have sooooo much catching up to do on the Blog Page! I have been travelling like crazy this last month (a week in Chicago, 4 days in Scottsdale, 3 days in New York) and then there was Thanksgiving. So when you are on the road every week, and the pictures are all at get behind on blogging. But I will try to update each day this week and get caught up! So we will cover last weeks Thanksgiving Festivities! We recently went over to a playdate with some of the other Mommy's and learned how to make a Turkey Hand Print Apron!

Kids and paint everywhere! Oh what fun! We are sooo grateful that Margaret hosted this for us! Leigh-Ann really had a great time! She even told me she had "new friends!" Here she is just before putting her hand print down! She LOVES to make handprints!
We brought it home and added Landon's footprints as "pumpkins"! We made one for Grandma, one for Mommy and Leigh-Ann has one too! Here is Leigh-Ann modeling Grandma's apron before we put it in the mail to her!

Leigh-Ann and Mommy showing off the Apron! Mommy cheated and bought iron-on letters! The other Mommy's with pretty hand writing just wrote theirs on!

Leigh-Ann was sooo proud!

We finished it at home the weekend before Thanksgiving! It was kinda we have broken out the boots! So you just have to check out Leigh-Ann's little boots I got at the Gap! They are sooo cute! Her top even has a necklace built in/attached to it. It is very cute!

More updates coming soon!


Arrington Family News said...

How fun! I love the apron....

Landon and Lilah's Mom said...

So glad you guys came over! Your apron turned out so cute, and Leigh-Ann is just a doll baby!