Friday, April 10, 2009

Definately Not Cut out to be a Single Parent!

So just a brief update, I took the kids to the park to meet up with "the Mommy's" and participate in an Easter Egg Hunt. I thought what the heck, I will take both of them with me! It is the park, we will have a good time! Oh crazy, crazy me! What was I thinking?!? hee hee hee All in all we did have a good time, but they have such different abilities right now, I was worried that they were going to knock their teeth out, while at opposite ends of the slides! Leigh-Ann is all about the big slides and the fun monkey bars now! Landon also wants to slide, and climb, and do it himself! So he needs to be on the smaller playsets! So trying to keep an eye on both of them and make sure no one ran off with them (which would be almost impossible surrounded by so many friends) made me sort of frantic. My lesson learned was that it was a good thing that I am not a single parent and do not usually have to brave the park alone (with two children under the age of 3!!!). I promptly called Lance as we left the park to let him know how much we loved and appreciated him, and to drive very careful on his way home from the park. I informed him that if anything happened to him, his children might not get to go back to park until they were pre-teens! Unless of course, Gramps and Big Mom want to come back and take them again.....ahhhhh Grandparents!!!! Such a beautiful thing!!!

So here are some pics of our egg hunt and our time together at the park!

Here is Landon! I had to carry the basket and follow him around. But once he had his hands full he didn't really see the need to "gather" more bounty!

Here is Leigh-Ann with the bigger kids getting some eggs too!

Landon had almost as much fun trying to go up the slide the wrong way as he did going down the slide!

Here is Landon going back up the he can go back down the he can go back up the he can go back down the slide.......where is sissy?!? Oh wait....he doesn't care.....back up the stairs.....

Oh there is Leigh-Ann.....climbing like a monkey all over the play area....for just a little bit Mommy conned her to playing on the "baby" play area with Landon!

She is testing out the little slide....Landon is heading back to the stairs......

And up the monkey bars again....

All smiles.....we are having a good time....

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