Thursday, April 9, 2009

I must have been too happy!

So I was in such a good mood yesterday...I was buzzing around the kitchen cooking dinner...and planning all the things I was going to finish last night after the kids were in bed (still unpacking/organizing). Then as I was heating the glaze for the ham, the doorbell rang. I thought it would be the sprinkler guy (who has been a no show for two weeks and was supposed to be here yesterday)...but instead it was a Trugreen sales guy...who would NOT quit talking even after I told him we had already hired someone. Finally I politely told him dinner was probably burning, I had to go. Turns out the glaze DID burn UGH!!!! Then I went to push that out of the way and grab the ham out of the oven. As I was placing the ham on the stove, something went wrong. I don't know if I fell first and then split the juice or if I split the juice then slipped in it.....either way...the result was scalding hot grease water ALL down my legs and bare feet. Lance came in and took care of me and rubbed it down with aloe and cream after I soaked it in a cool bath. All in all it is going to be ok....but I have a few mild burns that will probably take a few days to heal.

So after that the night was kinda shot. So much for my great mood. Then the lawn guys did come for their weekly time to mow the grass. Seems that I have the dinner time slot. The mow around 6:00 to 6:30...what is up with that?!? Leigh-Ann was fascinated with watching them work out the window. I thought, what are we teaching our kids, she knows that Lupe will clean the house and change her sheets and that some strange team of guys come and mow the grass while we sit at dinner and see them out the window. I don't know if the value of manual labor is being taught very well in our house.

Had my monthly doctor's appointment this morning, all is good with the growing baby! So we are just moving to July. I had however gained 5 lbs since my last visit! UGH....need to keep an eye on that. I am thinking about taking up Prenatal Yoga. My friend Margaret went to the gym like 26 days last month...I am thinking that I could use a teensy weensy bit of physical activity in my life (but not 26 days worth!). My next appt is the testing for the gestational diabetes (ummmm the yummy orange drink...not) and my shot of Rhogam for being Rh-. So that appoinment will not be too nice. Good thing after my burn incident that wasn't today!

Also, thought I would share some pics with you. In effort to be a good working full time Mommy I took some time to go have a Mommy Daughter thing with Leigh-Ann. We went to the "Doll Store" and did some shopping and then on to a Dolly Tea Party! We went to the American Girl store and I let Leigh-Ann pick a bitty baby and then we went to the Bitty Baby Tea Party!

As you can see, we ended with with TWO Bitty Babies instead of just one! They actually came as a part of the Bitty Twin Set. She had to have two girls...I really thought she would want a girl and a boy...but that wasn't the case.

Here are all the girls listening to story time and participating in some games together.

Now taking some time to color our placemat. You will also notice that the blonde baby has now changed clothes! We bought a couple of outfits before the party fot the dolls...and this one needed to wear one right now!

See that tounge hanging out while she colors? I don't know who she gets that from ?!? ha ha ha

All smiles...she is REALLY enjoying her time....she just loves baby dolls!

Snack time came. Fresh strawberry (they had some strawberry jam inside...YUMMY) muffins and even fresh strawberries! And lemonade, of course!

Each doll had to have some dedicated attention and an opportunity to share in the snack!

Leigh-Ann and Mommy checking out The Big Pink Chair in the party room before we left!

We had a great time! We will have to come back for some of the other Bitty Baby events!

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