Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cowboys and Thanksgiving Day!!!

As most you know we went to the Football game on Thanksgiving Day and watched the Cowboys kick some Seahawk..........

First began the tailgaiting! Here is Lana and Brook watching the guys get everything ready! You can see Lances new tailgaiting Cowboys Grill! I assume this means that we will be doing much more tailgaiting in the future! I actually have liked when we went tailgaiting and everyone else had to pack the grilling goodies :-)

Here's Honey and Daddy excited to walk over to the stadium!

Walking to the stadium...from our parking...far far away :-) But there was definately farther!
All Smiles before heading into the stadium. We ate early and headed in early so that we could check it out and not feel rushed! Below is my mother in law, father in law, niece Brook, my awesome husband Lance and his sister Lana and her husband Cory!

Yep, got in an to our seats and we are just checking it all out!

Turkey day was even celebrated on the Big Screen!

I told Lance...I didn't know they did Yoga before they started!

Lana spied them first! The Jonas brothers were in a box just right near our seats. It wasn't long before everyone was turning to check them out and they were leaning out and waving to the crowd. I thought the teenage girl behind me was going to start crying!

And the awesome part of any Cowboys game! They make me wish I had been born looks so......graceful!!!

Some fans take their job very very seriously...I think more seriously than they may take their day job! This guys whole upper body was painted blue...all but that place where his entire back was covered in a massive Cowboys tattoo!

Then the game was over....and we won by a landslide! See...everyone is STILL smiling! Woo Hoo! We had a great time!

Tomorrow I will try to get our pictures of our visit to ICE posted! This was Leigh-Ann's 2nd year to go!

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