Monday, December 8, 2008


O.K. So I need to post some photos...but life is that will have to wait. Landon is STILL sick. I kept him home from school again today. We were supposed to go to a Christmas party with the Mommy's Group....but he just wasn't up for it. He slept in my arms a good part of the day. Except for the time that he had a total poopy blowout because of the diahrea....what a mess...and full outfit change. That was around lunch. This has unfortunately become a regular occurence. Then around 3:30 he woke up and threw up ALL over me. Then while in the bathroom trying to figure out how to strip us both down for a bath without making an even bigger mess....I am on my hands and knees....and found myself staring eye to eye with a Gecko! Yep, you heard me a LIZARD in my bathroom! Well I got the mess all over the place looking for something...anything to trap him with! I finally found a cup and a jar of peanut butter. So I trapped him under the cup, with the peanut butter on top. He was only about 4 inches from the tub. And I was careful to keep Landon and I away from the cup and we took our bath. We kept the cup there until Lance came home. Which I can say, I at least did not murder the poor Gecko.. Although he had no air holes he made it just fine and Lance released him back to the Wilderness of our great backyard! I am afraid Landon will have to stay home again tomorrow...he still hasn't eaten. I will follow up with an update later!


Landon and Lilah's Mom said...

You are nicer than me. I suck the lizards up with the vacuum while screaming! LOL I hope Landon starts to feel better soon! :( Poor guy.

Arrington Family News said...

I really hope your little guy gets to feeling better! As for the Gecko - well all I can say is better you than me! Let us know how the little man is!